Using Gantt chart Excel Templates with Project Management

Project management templates in excel has a wide range of templates to prepare and manage different projects and different plans. Gantt chart excel template has been one of the most popular operation planning tool to prepare tasks and to track down a project plan efficiently.

For a project based templates to work a project plan must be prepared which should contain all the activities and different phases regarding the project. The date of start should be planned as well as the duration for which the activity is intended to be planned. It is important to note that these figures are not same and common in every task. In other to have a tracking option some of the features that can be added in the, these are to add the actual date on which the activity was started and to calculate the actual time duration for the activity and to forecast the daily update of the task complete as per day.

Gantt Chart excel template

Preparing of Gantt chart excel templates

  1. A new layout should be selected in a new excel sheet
  2. Different columns are added in the sheet using it, which represents a day, a single week or a month depending on the time which has to be documented in the chart.
  3. Different cells are designated in the sheet which maintain the vital values in the project,
    1. In cell A, an option will be given to the user which will help the user to change the plan between actual days information to planned days.
    2. In cell B, a symbol will be provided which will mark the end of the project for the time the project was planned, i.e. a day, a week or month.
    3. In cell C, the user can add any fresh data related to the project.
  4. The important step here is to add a format by using templates that will change the values in the cell of the Gantt chart.
  5. When everything has been done a formula in the cells is written down which is usually effective to the entire sample and is shown as a solid figure in the chart, once this formula is recognized by the project template and the user has figured out how to manipulate this formula to get the results desire the charting is completed.
  6. Now the final step is to adjust different formatting options available in these tools, which include the number of columns, size and type of fonts to be used, different color schemes. Usually the top most rows are frozen so that it is easy for the user to scroll down through the operating software and locate the exact values he is searching for. This are the best way to track any project on daily basis, review post about excel tracking templates.

Excel Gantt Chart Templates for Project Tracking and Monitoring

Now, once such a plan has been devised by the user it is quite easy to for the user to track his work and calculate the individual activity he wants to compare over time and if found incorrect take different measures which will ensure the user to get the correct values for his work. How to Linked Gantt chart with Google Spreadsheet It’s a graphically presented tool, which allow user to use with Google spreadsheet document. Mostly time we need a tool which we can utilize in showing visualizing for any particular project. These above templates mentioned all detail regarding how you can interlinked excel Gantt chart templates with spreadsheet online document. Download Gantt Chart Template 2010 for better control on your projects.

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