Get School Report Template Word UK

Discussing monthly tests performance of the students with their parents and principal is really easy through school report for UK school, which are prepared in word template on weekly or monthly. School position report letter template is also available as it is required to send to parents or guardians to let them know about the position of their kid in the semester exams or monthly tests. School report template acts as guide for students in different grades, as they are also able to check it. These reports are required to sign by parents before returning to teachers.

Teachers are also asked about student’s performance and questions are asked regarding other top students in the class. If some student was gaining top position and highest grades in the previous exams and they are unable to do so in the current exam, principal may want to learn the reason or parents may ask questions about new candidates, therefore teachers can feed all these information in templates and discuss whenever required.

Get School Report Template Word UK Format and Features


Get School Report Template Word UK

Different layout designs for these reports make them suitable for different classes as higher classes require more detailed information for the result.

  • Blank college report: if some student has made the record in semester exams or has gained some achievement, report is prepared which show his class, section and class teacher. Other information like semester year, month, subject, total marks, and marks scored and last best scores are mentioned in the report. Learning areas which can be improved further can be seen.
  • Written reports for school students: introductory comments area shows the purpose of the report and class which is being focused for specific report. Student’s marks in the exams and extra circular activities are shown. Schools are able to plan summer vacation activities for students on basis of these reports.
  • Final school report: this sheet shown year to year comparison between the student performances therefore his grades in the same subject over different exams and tests are shown. The table is filled with headings like course, teacher name and additional comments.
  • School book report template: cross curricular skills details are mentioned in the report. Students marks and quiz participation in specific subject is shown. Areas which need improvement like art and science according to the requirements are also mentioned; therefore parents also require it for taking future decisions.

Importance of school report word template

Levels of progression and improvements are possible if details are available, and manual recording is different as when adding more information on the same sheet, comparison is difficult due to compilation of large data. However, when using these templates, results can be compared for hundreds of students in different sections of the same class.

Tricks for sample reports used in schools Get School Report Template Word UK

  • Primary school sheets reports are also required these days, as parents are becoming more conscious for their kids improvement in the study.
  • You can make different report cards as well.

Comment reference section of these sheets make them reliable, as teachers can add their ideas and parents are able to do so as well.



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