Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel Format

Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel one of the most use full financial management template. The most dominant part of any business always involves the cash transitions and financial records of the business. Multiple transactions occur in a day and keeping the right record of every single penny is must. No one can deny the hectic job of finance record keeping and investment record keeping is the most outdoor job in any business. But they are very necessary as in the day end you should save yourself from any discouraged act coming your way. There are various types of bank reconciliation statement sheet available in Microsoft excel, you can review these examples of formatting in various fonts or design. These records will be using preparing financial budget sheet.

Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel Format

Bank reconciliation statement is the match up of financial record of your business in the bank versus the financial record lying in your office. This is not a big deal if you found the mismatched record. Because in the dealings of million, round figures, various taxes. And other deductions sometimes cause clashes among the opinion of two stake holders in a deal. Either you prepared it Excel templates or other Microsoft word, it’s depending on accountability. After the due process of annual transactions, in the start of every new financial year. Every bank prefers the evaluation of reconciliation statement excel with the client so small errors could be removed on time. Instead they might turn into a huge clash with the bank if not addressed properly.

Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel

Let’s take a look on what exactly are the reason and issues that support the need of a bank reconciliation statement.

1-      Mismatched figures on financial records at both ends.

2-      Confusion between the end figures of both ends.

3-      Unstated payment schedules that cause irregular entries in the record.

4-      NSF (Not Sufficient Funds)

5-      Hidden service charges, interest deductions and fee for online banking.

6-      Outstanding checks and due payments.

7-      Deposit slips record keeping issues.

Above are few of the junk reason that cause counter figures among two parties. By assuring the right entries of each segment of transactions, we can assure the accurate and precisely managed records that can save both ends to suffer from any confusion.

Issues Due to Wrong Entries in Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel

1-      Due to round off figures, at the end of financial years, minute transactions turn into bigger numbers which cause confusion among the bank and client.

2-      Due to outstanding check, company issue the amount transfer statement but bank holds the transaction records without particular withdrawal.

3-      Due to NSF check, company expects the amount to be received but banks are unable to bring the figure neutral as they don’t get the amount.

4-      Due to the deduction of amount on the basis of hidden charges, clients are most often confused to hold the right transaction figure in their cash book.

5-      Due to the miscarriage of deposit slips, sometimes company suffers from wrong entries in its current cash figure in the bank record which is also a cause of confusion.

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Right after the allocation of mismatched figures, there are some adjustments necessary to make in the account. A new statement of financial records is made with a couple of alterations to adjust the unbalance figures with proper consultation with records, past transaction history and all the financial database available at both ends, and that adjusted statement is known as bank reconciliation statement.

There are many company’s prepared thousands of check or other financial budget account daily or monthly base. So these Bank Reconciliation Statement Excel helps you a lot for sort-out these single way.


Every Bank has its own type of financial statement format in case of any query. You can contact with your concerny bank manager and ask him for any query. Because some bank did’nt provide your confidential records that you request for.

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