Agile Project Plan Template Excel Free

Well Gantt chart is part of agile project plan template, to get the timeline and Gantt, you don’t need to make any efforts; in fact it is created automatically based on the data in the table. Once you change the dates for the project, the Gantt gets updated automatically and you can see the difference in lines of different colors.

With this part of the template, you may need to make modification within the spaces. Sometime these spaces are wide enough and may not look, you can adjust the space in the Gantt. Once its appearance is the way you like save it!

Agile Project Plan Template Excel Free

Agile Project Plan Template Excel Free

The Gantt lines remains the same with the sprint color, like in this case, blue color for the sprint 1 and features are of the same color as well. This is because they are actually the sub categories of the main task.

This is also known as chart 2 with formula =SERIES(Sheet1!$C$14,Sheet1!$A$15:$A$26,Sheet1!$C$15:$C$26,1)

**don’t interfere with the Gantt. Just change the dates and you have a new Gantt chart with you.

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